e-Services Guidelines

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Authorisations User's Manual     

ECS- Document for National Export Application (DDNXA)    

ECS-Fuctional Transit System Specification (FTSS)-Aes Addendum    

ECS-Test Guide Predefined Data & Conditions    

EMCS -Message Guide for Economic Operators PHASE2-FS1    

EMCS-Design Document for EMCS (DDNEA) PH2    

EMCS-Design Document for EMCS (DDNEA) PH3    

ENS -Message Guide for Economic Operators- ICS    

Guidelines on Acceptance and Processing of Manual for the completion of Applications for Action and Extentions requests    

ICIStest - Submission Instructions    

ICS - Design Document (DDNIA v6.0)    

ICS - Message Guide for Economic Operators    

ICS -Design Document for National Import Application (DDNIA V6.0)    

ICS -Guidelines on entry and summary declarations in the context of Regulation (EC) No 648/2003    

ICS-Design Document for National Import Application (DDNIA V 6.0)    

Registration on Customs Electronic Transactions    

UUM&DS _ Economic Operator Manual    

Web Services (ICIS) - Frequently Asked Questions (English Version)     

Web Services - Change Control History (Ιστορικό Αλλαγών_en)    

Web Services - New Security Certificate for ICISnet     

Web Services - New Security Certificate for ICISnet -valid from 18/06/2014 and 15:00 (local time)    

Web Services - for the documents electronic submission    

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