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Trade Facilitation

    The Trade Facilitation is a National Strategy for the simplification, harmonization and automation of processes involved in international trade.
     The National Trade Facilitation Committee was established on 1-07-2016 expressing the political will to promote the implementation of Updated Trade Facilitation Roadmap (2016-2020) actions related to trade facilitation.

      The National Trade Facilitation Committee (TFC) coordinates the work of the Trade Facilitation Operational Committee (OSC), which is the main mechanism for implementing the roadmap actions

     The key objectives of this Roadmap are: the  
simplification of  pre-customs procedures and implementation of the Single Window, a new environment for the private and public entities involved in International Trade and Transport.

     The systematic recruitment of executives of all  Agencies involved in International Trade and Transport under individualized technical support ensures success in the implementation of this key national project with the ultimate goal:

* the elimination of time-consuming and ineffective processes throughout the international trade
reducing the cost of the transaction
*the more rational rules in cross-border control.

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