AEO - Authorised Economic Operators Go to Service

The ΑΕΟ concept is based on the partnership of customs with the economic operators and aims to enhance international supply chain security and to facilitate legitimate trade. The EU AEO programme, which is open to all supply chain actors, covers economic operators authorised for customs simplifications (AEOC), security and safety (AEOS) or a combination of the two. Customs expect the AEO to act in line with customs legislation and to inform customs about any difficulties to comply with the legislation. In return, customs provide the authorised economic operators with certain benefits.


Για ελληνικά, επιλέξτε την ελληνική γλώσσα και ακολούθως το σύνδεσμο Οικονομικοί Φορείς ή το σύνδεσμο Υπηρεσίες για Οικονομικούς Φορείς

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