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       We would like to remind you that, in accordance with article 11 of Law no 3336/20.04.2005, Friday March 30th and Monday 2 April 2018 (Good Friday and Easter Monday Catholic respectively) are defined as special interbank holidays days .

28 Mar 2018

NEW !!! We inform you about the unavailability of ICISnet applications today Wednesday 28-03-2018, due to technical problem. Until newer information, we ask for your understanding.

28 Mar 2018

We  inform you  about the   non-availability  of ICISNET electronic services  tomorrow  Wednesday 14.03.2018  from  14:00 to 16:00 pm  due to  scheduled  installation of a new  version

13 Mar 2018

We inform you about the non-availability of the Community Application of Economic Bodies, from Saturday 03.03.2018 (12.00am) to Monday 05.03.2018 (12.00pm), because of the upgrading of the system (EORI 2).

01 Mar 2018
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